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1202846 Coalescing Filter Element

1202846 Coalescing Filter Element
Model : 1202846
Media : Gas
Material : Filter paper
Working Pressure : 0.4MPA
Working Temperature : 0-60℃
Form/Sructure : Folded cartridge
Filtration precision : 1 micron
Usage scope : Petroleum, chemical industry

Product Description:
1202846 agglomerated filter element is one of the leading products of Xinxiang Guohai Filter Co., Ltd, the filter element is mainly used in the hydraulic system of steel mills, lubrication station, hydraulic station, thin oil station above; Pool filter element is the domestic steel mills often supporting the use of the filter element brand in the gradual maturation of the domestic hydraulic technology on the basis of the domestic enterprises have achieved the domestic alternative production. As an early domestic enterprises engaged in the production of alternative filter element, has also maturely mastered the filter element alternative technology. Hydraulic oil filter element is used in various oil systems to filter out solid impurities mixed from outside or generated internally during system operation, mainly installed in the system on the suction oil, pressure oil, return pipeline, bypass, a separate filtration system.

1202846 Coalescing Filter Element#2

Performance characteristics:
1、Hydraulic oil filter element strength requirements, production integrity requirements, to withstand differential pressure, to withstand the installation of external forces, to withstand differential pressure alternating loads
2、Smoothness of oil passage requirements, flow resistance characteristics
3、Resistant to certain high temperature, compatible with the working medium.
4、Filter layer fibre can not be displaced and fall off.

Technical parameters:
Filtration precision: 1-50 microns
Filtration area: 0.25 square metres
Skeleton material: stainless steel
Seal material: nitrile rubber
Filtration performance: high efficiency
Inlet temperature: <80℃
Filtration efficiency: 99 per cent
Media: general hydraulic oil cartridge phosphate ester hydraulic oil emulsion water a glycol
Material: glass fibre stainless steel woven mesh carpenter’s filter paper
Working pressure: 21bar-210bar
Working temperature: -30~+100℃
Flow rate: 20–400L/min

Application fields:.
Metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, textile industry, mining industry, machining, engineering machinery.

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